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PVC and Wooden Doors fixed and repaired, replacement, Munster Joinery Door mechanisms, new door Handles, patio sliding doors, patio door rollers replaced, patio door tracks and runners replaced, repairs, patio door handles fitted replaced,  French door mechanism, French door handles replacement

Door Repairs

uPVC & Wooden Door Repairs

083 344 7775 or 086 213 1133

PVC and Wooden Door Repair Work Undertaken
PVC uPVC windows repaired, windows fixed, new window handles, tilt and turn window handles, tilt and turn window hinges replaced repaired, window hinges fitted, draft seals replaced, wind coming in doors, wind coming in the windows, window gears and mechanisms fitted, jammed windows fixed, new glass in windows, foggy glass replaced, misted blown window panes replaced, pane of glass, window inline espags and mechanisms

Window Repairs

uPVC Window Repairs

083 344 7775 or 086 213 1133

PVC & Aluminium Windows Repaired & Replaced
Broken Glass, Broken Windows fixed, window Glass Replaced,  door glass replaced, windows fixed, Double Glaze, Triple Glaze, single Glaze, Obscure Glass, coloured Glass, safety glass, laminated glass, Patio door glass broken.

Broken Glass

Broken Glass Replaced

083 344 7775 or 086 213 1133

Broken Glass, Foggy and Misted Glass Replaced

What We Fix

An example of some of the repairs we do

window hinges replaced, cold drafty windows and doors caused by broken hinges replaced, jammed windows, stiff windows, hinges broken,

Window Hinges

Hinges. If your windows have become drafty or jamming and not closing properly, then you may need a new pair of window hinges fitted.

pvc window handles, aluminium window handles, gold, chrome, silver white,
replace broken window handles, handle wont turn, window button wont push in

Window Handles

Handles. If your windows are not closing properly or your handles wont go into closed position, the handles may have broken or failed. Damaged or broken handles look unkempt and can look unsightly. We can fit a new window handles for you, in a choice of colours, White, Gold, Chrome, Brushed Steel, Black and Brown.

window seals, window gaskets, draft in window, draft in door, cold air in room, cold window, curtains move in the wind, draft in windows move curtains, wind cold room

Window Seals

Seals. If you have drafts coming into your rooms, it may be that you need to replace your window seals. These are often referred to as gaskets, replacing window seals or door seals every 10 years can save you 100's per year in heating bills.

Broken Glass, Broken Windows fixed, Glass Replaced, windows fixed, Double Glazed units, Triple Glazing replaced, single Glaze, Obscure Glass, coloured Glass, safety glass, frosted glass, laminated glass

Broken Glass

We supply any type of glass or double glazing unit type for both commercial business and residential customers; we replace, fix and repair: single glazing, double glazed, triple glazing, obscure glass, tinted glass, security glass, broken windows fixed, (broken, smashed, cracked, misted, foggy, frosted, privacy bathroom) and door glass replacement (single, double, wooden, metal, aluminium, pvc).

letterbox letterboxes replaced fixed chrome black white gold silver upvc doors wooden doors munster joinery repairs


Letterboxes are also a source of drafts, if you have a broken or ill-fitting letterboxes, you may be letting your expensive heat drift right out the door. We can fit a choice of letterboxes for you, from economy to premium deluxe in white, gold, steel chrome, brushed steel and black letterboxes fitted.

window gears replaced, jammed windows, window won’t open, window jammed shut, mechanism for window, the locks on window, the bar on the window is broken, locks won’t turn on window

Gears Mechanisms & Espags (Espagnolette)

If your handles won ‘ t turn or your doors get hard to close properly you may need to have your door gears, door mechanism, window mechanisms or window espag replaced.

Munster joinery, wrights windows, doyle windows, senator windows, door handle repairs

Door Handles

The front door handle is part of the frontline defence in securing your home. They protect your home and damaged handles take away from the beauty of your door. If the handle is damaged it can cause the locks to become insecure. We can fit new door handles in economy and premium deluxe, we have white, black, chrome, brushed steel & gold door handles.

Munster joinery windows, blown double glazed units, wrights windows, glass has fog between the panes
, misted glass, condensation between the panes of glass in window, patio door glass has condensation, sean doyle windows repaired, senator windows fixed, door handle repairs

Blown Misted Glass

Misted, blown or foggy, double glazed glass looks unsightly no matter how much you clean it, your only option for a permanent solution is replacement of the blown units. There are companies that offer to fix this, but we dont recommend it as it will only be temporary and cost is as much as a replacement..

Commercial Window and Door Repairs

Commercial Glass Repair

D’Best also offers Commercial Door & Window Repair services, we operate coast to coast, Dublin to Galway. With our many years of experience as a doors repair service provider, we have won the trust of a large clientele.
We understand that broken or cracked glass poses serious security risks and it calls for immediate repair.

Commercial Window & Door Repairs

In the area of Commercial Doors Repair services, we are well equipped to take care of all your urgent and routine maintenance needs. Our services are applicable for all kinds of glass doors such as security style hinges, decorative glass walls etc. We ensure the fastest repair time, but, in the event that the problem can ‘ t be fixed immediately, we aim for the fastest turnaround time possible to ensure your business is safe and secure.

So, no matter what it is - a break-in or wind damage, with us you don’t have to worry about your glass doors as we are here to offer a range of services including, Transom closers, transom repairs, transom hinges and stoppers, adjustment, glass replacement, frame replacement etc.

Patio, Sliding and French Door Repairs

Sliding Balcony and Sliding Patio Door & French Door Repair Specialists

We Repair

Sliding Patio Doors / Balcony Doors / French Doors / Bi-Fold Patio Doors

We Fix or replace :

  • Handles
  • Misted or broken double glazed units
  • Rollers / wheels and running track
  • Draft and leak elimination
  • Re-alignment and lubrication
  • Draft seals & glazing gaskets
  • Tilt and slide repairs including gearing repairs
  • Bi-fold patio door repairs
  • Silicone / mastic repairs and UPVC finishing trims

Telephone: 083 344 77 75 (Bookings/Appointments) or 086 213 11 33 (Fitter/Technician)

Recent Projects

Phone: +353 86 213 1133 or +353 83 344 7775

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pvc repairs, window repairs, windows fixed, doors repairs, upvc windows, pvc doors, wooden doors, aluminium doors

About Us

DBestGroup are a family owned, family run business based in the Midlands, covering Coast to Coast Galway to Dublin. We are a specialist PVC window and door repair company. We fix all types of uPVC double glazed doors and windows, including supplying and fitting replacement parts such as new door handles, window handles, door hinges and gears including patio rollers, window seals and window hinges (friction stays). We operate Coast to Coast, From Dublin to Galway and Everywhere in-between, we cover Dublin, Meath, Westmeath, Longford, Leitrim and Cavan, we also cover Athlone, Roscommon and Mayo

We also replace double glazing sealed units and glass panes, whether misted up or broken are normally replaced within 7 to 10 days of being surveyed. We can return your damaged or broken double glazed windows and doors to their original beauty. All without the expense of replacing your doors or windows.

Please Note: We ONLY sell or supply door locks, only PSA licence holders can replace locks.

Our window & door repairs technician is able to replace or repair most types of handles, espags, gears, mechanisms and hinges to windows of all ages and profiles. Doors and windows can become hard to lock, and drafty when the mechanisms fail, this can cause the window or door to jam shut. If your window is jammed shut we can normally gain access with little or no damage whatsoever and replace the failed parts, leaving your window as good as new. The gasket or rubber seal can also cause drafts in your windows and doors; we can replace this on the day with minimal disruption to the home.

We also fit clear glass double glazing units. Patterned glass double glazing units. Toughened safety glass double glazing units. Laminated safety glass double glazing units. Leaded and bevelled units double glazing units. We also replace Glass in Velux Style Windows.

Telephone: 083 344 77 75 (Bookings/Appointments) or 086 213 11 33 (Fitter/Technician)

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in making and repairing doors and windows, he qualified as a carpenter in 1996 and spent ten years mastering his trade and in this time he constructed houses and log cabins, all of which were 100% handmade.

During this time, uPVC windows were becoming increasingly popular and he trained to fit and in time repair or replace them. Andrew opened his own uPVC repair business which he runs alongside his Carpentry business, and is now based in Co. Longford.

CLICK HERE for Andrews Carpentry website

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We are but a few, nonetheless, mighty.

Andrew is the owner at d’bestgroups, we are a pvc door and window repair business plus we are carpenters and joiners, we supply and fit all types of pvc window and door parts in Dublin, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Meath, Westmeath, Kildare, Longford and Cavan.


Teresa is the one who slogs away in the office, taking calls, making bookings and ensure that marketing and advertising are top priority


Technicians repair pvc doors and windows, measure glass, replace handles hinges and seals, change letterboxes, fit espags,


the boss as dbestgroups. we are but her humans



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Condensation in double glazing units, fogged up, misted condensation can be a real pain in the glass, there is very little which can actually be done about condensation on glass, it needs to be tackled in the whole home.  
Often a sealed unit needs to be replaced.
  • Teresa
  • Comments
  • 21 August 2018

Condensation on Windows

The main cause of condensation is the lack of ventilation in your home, the more energy efficient your home is the more humidity you have, which builds up and increases the humidity levels..

Home Security is a must, buy your locks and security equipment from us and do it yourself
  • Andrew
  • Comments
  • 09 Feb 2018

Top Tips to Secure your Home

As a Door & Window repair specialist, we at DBestgroups are aware of the devastation which home invasions can cause, both financially but also emotionally.

Keep your home warm during the winter months and cool in the summer months with winter settings, Sean Doyle Windows, Wrights Windows, Senator Windows, Munster Joinery Doors and Windows
  • Teresa
  • Comments
  • 12 April 2018

Winter and summer windows

You probably didnt know this, but, your uPVC windows can be maximised for winter use, and it wont cost you anything. That is of course if you are brave enough to undertake this yourself.

I have to slam my door to close it.

It may be that your door hinges have slipped a little, the mechanism may be damaged or worn, or your receivers may need adjustments. If you do not perform yearly maintenance on your doors, such as oiling etc they may stop working and the mechanism breaks. Regular servicing will prolong the life of your hardware.

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Window drafts

I've noticed that the curtains in my sitting window, and i've also noticed the room is always cold.

Poor fitting seals and gaskets can cause moisture and drafts, the window seals can cause leaking and drafts. New seals will save 100's per year.

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Broken Window Handles

Ive Just closed the window in my kitchen and the handle has come off in my hand. Not only are broken handles creating a draft, they are also a security risk as well. You need to ensure your home is safe, warm and protected by ensuring you have well maintained and adjusted handles. Regular servicing will prolong the life of your window handles.

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Stiff Hard to Close Windwos

It is becoming harder and harder to close my kitchen window, its is very stiff and hard to close. Windows and doors need regular maintenance, if you do not oil your hinges and mechanism regularly they risk becoming stiff and eventually break.

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Front Door Locks

I have just moved into our new house, I need new locks on my front and back doors. Can you help? All locking systems, euro cylinders, anti-snap Locks etc, must be fitted by a licenced locksmith. We are not licenced locksmiths, therefore we cannot fit locks, however we can sell you any locks you need.

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Windows that are stiff or hard to close can have worm or damaged hinges, they can be stiff or leave gaps around the edge when they are closed

My windows are getting harder and harder to Close

There is a large gap at the bottom of my window and it's becoming harder and harder to close it. Windows and doors need regular maintenance, if you do not oil your hinges and mechanism regularly they risk becoming stiff and eventually break.

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DBest PVC Window and Door Repairs, WoodEver Carpentry and D’Best Decorating Longford, 
Galway and Dublin 083 344 7775e                           DBest PVC Window and Door Repairs, WoodEver Carpentry and D’Best Decorating Longford, 
Galway and Dublin 083 344 7775e                     DBest PVC Window and Door Repairs, WoodEver Carpentry and D’Best Decorating Longford, 
Galway and Dublin 083 344 7775e

About DBestGroups

DBestGroup are a family owned, family run business based in Co. Longford. DBestGroups is based on old fashioned values together with modern technology. We guarantee our clients value for money, and all of our work has a 12 month guarantee. Whether you are having handles, hinges, seals or vents replaced or a large double or triple glazed unit fitted, broken, foogy or misted glass replaced. We honour our guarantees and WILL to respond to all service calls AND enquiries speedily and efficiently.

Phone: +353 86 213 1133 or +353 83 344 7775

Email: dbest@repairman.com

We operate throughout the Republic of Ireland, Coast to Coast, including: Longford | Westmeath | Meath | Louth | Dublin | Kildare | Cavan | Leitrim | Roscommon | Galway | Kildare | Sligo | Mayo | Offaly

Dublin , Dublin 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 24, Artane, Ballyfermot, Blackrock, Clondalkin, Crumlin, Dalkey, Dun Laoghaire, Killiney, Howth, Dalkey, Bray, Loughshinnney, Rush, Lusk, Malahide, Skerries, Portrane, Sandyford, Sutton, Swords.
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Leirtim, Ballinamore, Carrick on Shannon, Carrigallen, Dromod, Drumshambo, Drumsna, Jamestown, Mohill, Rossinver.
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